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We are a team of technology and business leaders, investors and advisors building a culture obsessed, values-driven and remote native company
Our values

Our values are our foundation

Be an owner

You are the leader of your domain end-to-end. Maintain bias-to-action, positive and can-do attitude. Always drive to the so-what?

Build for impact

Deliver value efficiently by relentlessly prioritizing your work. Look for the 80% value that can be delivered with 20% of the effort

Show humility

Drop your ego, get comfortable with saying “I don’t know” and embrace vulnerability. There is no other way to grow and improve

Develop others

Inspire the people around you by helping them develop and grow and sharing knowledge. Be a mentor and a role model

Speak the truth

Be empathetic but brutally honest. Push towards the right decision and voice the truth even when it’s unpleasant
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Investors and partners

Work-from-anywhere, enabled by Akooda

We hire for skills and character, not location.
We manage our company using our own product, Akooda.

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